Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Infusion Learning - directing the children to specific information

We have recently started our newest infusion learning topic called 'My Space to Your Place' where we are focusing on the Social Sciences aspect.  One of the activities that I was discussing with my class was about conflict and war.  The children could not tell me very much about the subject - they knew a bit about the ANZAC's, but that was pretty much it.  So the children set forth to find out more ... unfortunately, due to their lack of knowledge, they floundered.  I figured that there were probably some apps that would assist with this - I was right!  The children needed direction, and this was definitely one of the moments with the iPods that they were priceless!  The apps I downloaded were:

Wars of the 20th Century - this outlines all wars and conflict in the 20th Century, with photos and a narrative (brief on one side, then they can 'flip' it to get more detail).
Maps of War - Breaks down the wars into the following categories - democracy, religion, leadership, an so on, and shows a map with a moving time line of events.
Historic Line - has a history time line of events dating BC to present day, Inventions, Monarchs, Notable people, Prime Ministers and Presidents. 

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