Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fractions, Flight, Word Study, Maths and the Rugby World Cup

I recently tested my maths class on their fractions and discovered that generally, their recall of fractions and how they relate to each other was not as good as I anticipated.  It wasn't that they didn't know them, it was more about the fact that their recall of them was not more instantaneous.  I have now downloaded a number of apps that should assist with this recall:
Estimate Fractions, Fractions, Picturing Fractions, Fraction Drills, Fraction Monkeys, Candy Factory (I think this one is going to be a real hit!), Math Chef, Portion Platter

I have also added some new basic facts apps:
Factors, Asteroid Arithmetic, Number battle (they can use Wifi to battle each other)

The inclusion of the following Word Study apps should boost interest levels and engagement:
Lexagram, Avalanche, Fishtropolis, Ultimate Word Search, Word Wizard

With the Rugby World Cup looming, I have downloaded the free app, so we can follow the stats and the countries playing with ease.

Our next infusion learning topic is based on flight.  I have added the following apps:
Airplanes and AirPedia (these are reference based), Backyard Pilot (learn to fly a plane), Airport (learn how an airport operates), Warship (problem solving - like the game 'Rush hour') and World Record Paper Planes (has a variety of paper plane designs to simulate flight eg. stunt, dart, eagle)

It is really important to have a variety of apps to ensure the children have something new and exciting to facilitate their learning.  I am simply amazed by the variety and number of apps that are available for practically anything you are looking for!

Friday, August 26, 2011

In house training

Last week, I did an in house training session with staff from Years 4 - 6, as well as the ELL teacher and two members from the management team.  I explained how I have been using the iPod to engage my students, drawing attention to the apps I have found to be the most useful and productive.  I showed them how I go about storing/charging the devices, syncing new apps and getting the children's work (generally photos, videos and screenshots of other work) from the device and onto the school server.  The staff were then able to have a try of some of the apps (although time was a constraint).  To me, it appeared that my presentation was well received.