Friday, July 1, 2011

Mathematics Apps

I have categorised the apps into different strands - I have Basic Facts - this is where there are apps that will test the speed, recall and accuracy of their basic facts knowledge (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).
Dot to Dot is a very basic game of ordering numbers (sequencing)
Times Tables allows children to select which times table they would like to study - they can view, write, listen then test.
Math Drills Lite lets children test their skills on basic facts
Roll it is like the game Yahtzee - they can have multiple players
Brain Booster tests skills on basic facts
Basic Math tests skill on specific operations
Alien Equation is where the children have to arrange the operations tiles to make the equation true.  The sound function on this will drive you nuts, so make sure they turn the sound off!
Brain Thaw multi-leveled, using multiples (or factors) of numbers

The second mathematics folder that I have is called Geometry.  These allow the children to explore the different functions and skills of Geometry as it can quite often get overlooked or rushed.  This can be incorporated into the maintenance part of your maths programme.
Keep Balance, Geometry: Volume of Solids Lite, Tangram, GeoSudoku, Geometry Test

The third folder is called Maths - this is where I have put anything else related to the subject - there's fractions and decimals, time, ordering numbers and algebra.
Number line, Pearl Diver, Fraction Factory, Just Fraction, Algebra Touch, Clock Master

I change these around from time to time, and add new apps as needed.  You can't expect the children to use the same ones all year round (although there will be the odd one that they will love).  As I progress on this journey, I add relevant apps to complement what I am teaching in the classroom.

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