Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The big idea and the BIGGER questions!

In 2010, I viewed a short media clip about a school in Escondido, California, that had used iPod touches in their school with inspiring results.  After much discussion and preparation for my BoT presentation late last year, it was approved that I would be able to run a trial of iPod touches in my classroom to see the impact that it would have on students learning.  15 were purchased in February 2011 for this purpose.

The next stage was to ensure that logistics were organised.  This meant finding a means of storing, charging and syncing these.  The first step was to get them laser engraved for security purposes.  I purchased multi-USB chargers and protective covers, and set up one of our old laptop storage facilities with the iPods.

The next question on my mind was 'How do I logistically update the apps and what copyright ramifications are involved?'  I searched EVERYWHERE on the WWW only to discover that there were different views and opinions on what was 'allowed'.  I then phoned 'Apple' and they assured me that syncing the devices from one centralised laptop or computer was the way to go.

My next question was 'How am I going to do this?'  I spoke to the IT Technician at my school and he set up an itunes account on one of the older laptops, so that itunes gift cards could be used as a means of purchasing apps and it could be easily monitored.  The biggest issue that I was concerned about was that I wanted to start with a system that wouldn't fail if for some reason I was no longer working at the school.

So, the next big question was 'How am I going to implement this effectively in my classroom?'   Luckily, I was able to go on an ICT Conference in late February, where my primary focus was to source as much information and ideas related to this.  I think I succeeded!

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