Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fractions, Flight, Word Study, Maths and the Rugby World Cup

I recently tested my maths class on their fractions and discovered that generally, their recall of fractions and how they relate to each other was not as good as I anticipated.  It wasn't that they didn't know them, it was more about the fact that their recall of them was not more instantaneous.  I have now downloaded a number of apps that should assist with this recall:
Estimate Fractions, Fractions, Picturing Fractions, Fraction Drills, Fraction Monkeys, Candy Factory (I think this one is going to be a real hit!), Math Chef, Portion Platter

I have also added some new basic facts apps:
Factors, Asteroid Arithmetic, Number battle (they can use Wifi to battle each other)

The inclusion of the following Word Study apps should boost interest levels and engagement:
Lexagram, Avalanche, Fishtropolis, Ultimate Word Search, Word Wizard

With the Rugby World Cup looming, I have downloaded the free app, so we can follow the stats and the countries playing with ease.

Our next infusion learning topic is based on flight.  I have added the following apps:
Airplanes and AirPedia (these are reference based), Backyard Pilot (learn to fly a plane), Airport (learn how an airport operates), Warship (problem solving - like the game 'Rush hour') and World Record Paper Planes (has a variety of paper plane designs to simulate flight eg. stunt, dart, eagle)

It is really important to have a variety of apps to ensure the children have something new and exciting to facilitate their learning.  I am simply amazed by the variety and number of apps that are available for practically anything you are looking for!

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