Thursday, May 26, 2011

Educational Games for English

One of the biggest issues that I have faced is finding apps that are actually going to assist with the learning in the classroom in the core areas - reading, writing and mathematics.  I have found that some of the apps cross-over into all learning areas, especially the dictionary.  I have two different dictionaries on the iPods - one was a free app, the other wasn't, but is substantially better.  The one I prefer is 'Wordbook'.  It not only allows the children to find a words meaning in the dictionary, but it will also pronounce it.  This happens in a matter of seconds, so the user is not spending a long period of time trying to plow through a paper dictionary (which ultimately may not actually have the word needed) when they could be busy carrying on with what they initial task actually entailed.  I have found that with this particular app (and some other reference based apps) that you can change the filters (which is very handy).  We all know which words some children will choose to look up first!  You can choose to turn the profanity filter on, as well as the voice that they hear and the notation (accent).

So, here is the list of games that my children enjoy:
Chicktionary (a bit like the game, Boggle, but it has the letters on eggs and has a huge number of words to find.  You can also opt for a quick play option, or the longer, original game.  The first time my children played this, it took three days for them to find all the words - now some children can find all the words in twenty minutes!)
Scrabble (like the original - they can pass and play, or multiplayer wifi)
SpellDown (this lets them test their own words)
Boggle (like the original)
Word Bubble (different levels, they make words by popping the bubbles)

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