Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Pros & Cons app

So, today we used the 'Pros & Cons' app, which did actually have it's own pros and cons!  One of which was that the free version wasn't that great, so I had to buy the PRO version so that the children could actually complete the task.  Their task was a collaborative one, based on the recent zoo trip last week.  I wanted them to think about the pros and cons of zoos.  Some of their ideas were quite interesting (see for yourself).  The second problem I had was actually getting the information off the iPods.  The options it gave me were - send via email or upload to facebook - neither of which I was keen on doing with this age group.  So, we put our thinking caps on and decided that a screenshot would be the best option.  To do this on an iPod (or iPhone) is to hold the power button (on the top right) and press the home button (the circle one in the middle on the bottom).  Then all I had to do was plug them into my laptop and upload the image - easy peasy!  Here are some samples of the work created.  (Please excuse any spelling errors - the focus was on the information)

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